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Veterans Day

Veterans Day – November 11, 2017

Project UNIFORM supports events to encourage tobacco-free lives. Providing tobacco cessation services and resources to support tobacco-free living is one way to show appreciation to Veterans for their service.

Who Project UNIFORM Provides Materials To

Project UNIFORM is able to support Veterans Day events hosted in California.  These events or activities may be hosted by military installations, health care clinics, college campuses, community organizations and coalitions, and other agencies or groups seeking to provide tobacco prevention and cessation information to military community members.

What Project UNIFORM Offers

We are able to provide participating installations, colleges, organizations, and groups with free tobacco cessation quit kits, electronic media, and print resources.

Quit Kits contain items and information to support a person who uses tobacco in making a quit attempt.  These materials encourage behavior change and participation in location tobacco-free activities.

Electronic media includes the placement of ads on Facebook to promote awareness of local and statewide (1-800-NO-BUTTS) tobacco cessation resources.

Print resources, including quit cards, post cards, posters, and flyers are also available. Military-specific resources can be requested when registering for the event. Additional educational materials can be ordered by submitting an Educational Materials form to CYAN. These materials are available year-round to promote cessation in local military communities.

Cessation resources are also available from the California Smokers’ Helpline. An assortment of cessation materials such as the 1-800-NO-BUTTS gold card, Helpline brochures, and fact sheets are available for order or download at

Project UNIFORM has developed an Event Toolkit to assist communities in organizing a Veterans Day and/or Great American Smokeout event. The Turnkey Kit provides background information on the events, data on military tobacco use, suggested event ideas, sample social media posts, and an assortment of resources.

Event Registration

Registration for Veterans Day 2017 will be available in September 2017.